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Because a successful class is worth a thousand words.

Just finished my deep dive with Jessica! 
And I must say I’ve never felt more excited and  prepared to stick to a realistic budget and paying off my credit card balances!
Budgeting Finances usually causes some anxiety for me with numbers but Jessica’s preparation really made me understand, confident, and excited! 
She mapped out what exactly I should be spending each month to what I need to pay on each credit card to pay off by certain dates!
She even helped me figure out my budget during maternity leave vs after maternity leave! 
My baby ended up coming early so it was perfect timing when we met 2-4 days prior!
I am Beyond grateful!! 
I am ready & willing because she made it realistic to my way of living. I can still get my nails & hair done. We even budgeted for car maintenance, gifts and events like anniversaries and birthdays! 
I suggest anyone regardless if you have credit card bills or not, to take the time and go get your deep dive with Jessica!! Start your budget!

Angelica Foster- Consultation Client

"My husband and I contacted Jessica to schedule a Deep Dive Consult because we were more than ready to tighten up on our finances. She sat with us, did an extremely detailed audit of our accounts, discussed our financial goals for the next few years, and then developed a 20 page (not kidding!) budget and game plan for us to get on track and meet our goals. When I tell you that WCDTU removed the biggest burden from our shoulders! We now actually have a financial plan in motion that will help us achieve all the goals we want in the next 5 years. Thank you Jessica and WCDTU for holding our hands through this process. Can't wait for our quarterly check-ins!"

Kendell Harris- Consultation Client

"My favorite topics were budgeting, APR, financial planning and delinquency and debt information."

Anonymous- Drexel Dornslife FAN Club

"I enjoyed the small class structure and willingness to break down information"

Anonymous- Drexel Dornslife FAN Club

"...You did a phenomenal Job, the coaches were really moved by you.  You educated, you motivated and ultimately elevated them and we all are glad that you were able to come.  I know for sure that ill keep you in mind for any opportunity to collaborate!"

Ronald Cook, Young Investors League, Urban Affairs Coalition

"Jessica Tucker (Green), one of CED’s Speakers’ Bureau members, provided a workshop on “Money Management for College Students” at the 9th Residential College Preparatory Summer Program for Rising Senior Scholars, a program of Teenshop. Teenshop’s program works with female, college-bound seniors, and is being held at Bryn Mawr College this year. Jessica provided an interactive workshop that she designed from scratch, and provided a handout that they can use during their college years. She gave clear, real-world advice, and was very well received by the participants!"

Jojy Varghese, Director, Urban Affairs Coalition

"Great work on Saturday!! The group was great and so engaged, and you really helped make it so that all levels were still learning new things from the presentation. Really really great job!"

Kalie Wertz, Urban Affairs Coalition

"You taught us valuable information that we can use throughout life which has made a great impact. From this training, there are things that I will pass on to my friends and family that are gonna be very useful."

Anonymous- Credit, Loans and Debt Student Feedback

"1. I slowed down on my spending. 2. I'm saving more money now than I used to. 3.Thanks for the help."

Anonymous - Money Management Student Feedback

"Love her enthusiasm and how knowledgeable she is on the topic. I left the class with so much knowledge that I am eager to share."

Anonymous- Credit, Loans and Debt Student Feedback

"My favorite part was the review games. It's a great way to ensure we've learned, but w/o the pressure of an exam."

Anonymous- Credit, Loans and Debt Student Feedback

"The best part of program was when we learned about credit scores, (and) useful, new information."

Anonymous - Money Management Student Feedback

"Overall, Jessica Green is a marvelous facilitator. She ensures her audience is well equipped with tools to navigate the financial world. She has a presence that demands your attention; you cannot help, but be inspired by her positive energy."

Anonymous- Credit, Loans and Debt Student Feedback

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