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Finance Education Workshop

Date of Event: July 2017

Audience Size: 10 to 15 participants

Age Demographic: 16 to 18 years of age

Teenshop Inc. Video Snippet

Thank you to the Urban Affair Coalition and Teenshop Inc, for the opportunity to speak to a group of intelligent ambitious young women. This group had great questions and absorbed a large deal of knowledge!

Organization Feedback:

"Jessica Tucker, one of CED’s Speakers’ Bureau members, provided a workshop on “Money Management for College Students” at the 9th Residential College Preparatory Summer Program for Rising Senior Scholars, a program of Teenshop. Teenshop’s program works with female, college-bound seniors, and is being held at Bryn Mawr College this year. Jessica provided an interactive workshop that she designed from scratch, and provided a handout that they can use during their college years. She gave clear, real-world advice, and was very well received by the participants!"



Finance Education Workshop

Dates of the Event: September 23rd and October 7th 2017

Audience Size: 10 to 15 participants

Age Demographic: 20's to 40's

Thank you to the Urban Affairs Coalition and HACE (Hispanic Association Contractors Enterprises) for providing me the opportunity to speak to an energetic and inquisitive group. Saturday morning workshops are only for the dedicated!

Organization Feedback:

"Great work on Saturday!! The group was great and so engaged, and you really helped make it so that all levels were still learning new things from the presentation. Really really great job!"

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